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Partial Hospitalization

Addiction experts are aware that not every treatment program fits every individual’s needs. A patient may not be able to separate completely from their everyday lives in order to continue their treatment. Partial hospitalization programs are available in Rhode Island that allow patients to be hospitalized for up to 8 hours each day during the week, so that they can have the benefits of an intensive program of addiction treatment as they resume their lives.

What is Partial Hospitalization?

Partial hospitalization programs for addiction treatment, often called day treatment, require the patient to be at the facility for up to 8 hours each day, and up to 7 days each week during the course of their treatment. The evening, and sometimes weekend hours, are spent at home. During the program, the patient receives intensive therapy for their addiction problem, with the same variety of modalities that are offered in inpatient rehab care.

How Is Partial Hospitalization Different Than Inpatient Programs

Partial hospitalization is very similar to inpatient programs in many respects. The patient receives individual counseling, attends group sessions, learns cognitive behavioral techniques to change thinking and behavior, and learns to recognize triggers that can lead to relapsing back into substance use. However, partial hospitalization allows the patient to return to their homes in the evenings and on weekends, which increases the danger of encountering circumstances that can lead to relapse. Patients must be highly motivated to remain abstinent and be ready to return to normal life.

Who is a Good Candidate for Partial Hospitalization?

Not every individual with an addiction problem is a suitable candidate for partial hospitalization. Severely addicted individuals may require inpatient care to fully detox from a substance, and will need 24/7 monitoring, so that they do not succumb to relapse. However, after they have completed an inpatient program, partial hospitalization can provide the most effective “step down” care for them as they return to independent living. Partial hospitalization continues the intensive care that many patients need after inpatient treatment, but also allows them to be autonomous to some extent.

Why Choose Partial Hospitalization?

Individuals in Rhode Island who wish to continue their drug treatment, can choose partial hospitalization to provide the intensive help they need in order to maintain abstinence as they rebuild their lives. Partial hospitalization can provide the necessary structure to keep individuals who are addicted on track with their recovery, as they gradually make steps into the everyday world. The continuation of their treatment can be instrumental in allowing them to take on the responsibilities and stresses of normal life.


Goals of Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial hospitalization offers more convenient scheduling for patients. It must also achieve a number of goals to ensure success for the patients:

  • It must provide a variety of tools and strategies to help patients remain abstinent.
  • It must assess and evaluate underlying psychiatric problems that may be contributing to addiction, and provide the means to manage the condition.
  • It must teach patients to design a home environment that supports their treatment and recovery from addiction.
  • It must teach patients practical methods for dealing with underlying emotions and stress that can affect their ability to remain abstinent.
  • It must help patient design effective strategies to deal with cravings and triggers for relapse.

After Partial Hospitalization

After a partial hospitalization program has been completed, the work of recovery continues. Patients must implement the concepts they have learned in treatment to maintain abstinence on a daily basis and deal with the common frustrations and temptations that occur in normal life. However, they can use the strategies they have learned in treatment, as well as utilize the referrals to support groups and counseling they have been provided to remain drug and alcohol-free.

If you struggle with addiction, but wish to rebuild your life in the everyday world, contact an addiction center in Rhode Island today to discuss your options and find out more about partial hospitalization.